Gobble Dee Goop!

I moved to Northern California recently and landed a job at KOWS radio in Occidental. That’s 107.3 for all the locals here and KOWS.fm online streaming from 10 to Midnight every Saturday.

Since I started in September I have been getting requests to put up a playlist. If anyone is interested in getting a copy of the show I would be happy to burn them a copy and send it.

Listed as Artist, Name of Track, Album it Appears on


Little Fyodor-Death Sides Now-Peace Is Boring
Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair-It’s Spooky-It’s Spooky
Alan Vega-Speedway-Jukebox Baby
YXMALLOO-Pressure From Christians to Nudists-The Worst of 1984
Dan Fioretti-Excerpt from Beyond The Valley of the Year of Nicole
Rilo Kiley-Go Ahead-Take Offs and Landings
Ronez-Fan #2-Contemporary Chinese Experimental Music
Sparks-Falling In Love With Myself Again-Kimono My House
Mick Jagger-Excerpt from “Invocation of My Demon Brother” by Kenneth Anger
Pavement-No Tan Lines-Brighten The Corners
Eyeball Skeleton-Eyeball Skeleton-Eyeball Skeleton
Don Campau-Sandra-Meteors and Pickles
They Might Be Giants-Dead-Flood
N.E.R.D.-All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom-Seeing Sounds
Duke Ellington-Accordion Joe-The Complete Duke Ellington
Poindexter Hallaway-Salmonella Breakfast-L.A. Kingpin
Julie Tippets-Out Of The Fire-Shadow Puppeteer
Sparks-Amateur Hour-Kimono My House
Silver Jews-The Country Diary of a Subway Conductor-Starlite Walker
Lord Litter-Cleaning Up!-Cleaning Up!
Animal Collective-Peacebone-Strawberry Jam
Frank Zappa-Lets Make The Water Turn Black-We’re Only In It For The Money
Excerpt from Julien Donkey-Boy by Harmony Korine
Radiohead-Exit Music For A Film-OK Computer
MF Doom-Curls-Madvillainy
Hasil Adkins-She Said-Deejay Jamboree
The Kinks-Black Messiah-Misfits
John Trubee and the Ugly Janitors of America-Now I Step Over Your World-Strange Hippie Sex Carnival
YXMALLOO-Sleep Well-The Worst of 1984
Robert Johnson-Me and the Devil Blues-The Complete Robert Johnson
Nurse With Wound-Dada X-Merzbild Schwet

Daniel Johnston-Phantom of My Own Opera-More Songs of Pain
Little Fyodor and Babushka-Open Up Your Heart (And Let The Sunshine In)-Peace Is Boring
Nirvana-Where Did You Sleep Last Night?-Outcesticide II
Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair-First Day At Work-It’s Spooky
Turkey Makes Me Sleepy-Circus of the Damned-My First Adventure Into 3-D
Allen Ginsberg-End Of The Vietnam War (Remix by DJ Spooky)-Live Without Dead Time
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy-Paralyzed
The Flaming Lips-Jesus Shooting Heroin-The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid
Jim Carroll-Excerpt from Book of Nods on the Praying Mantis Album
Dan Fioretti-I Got You Babe-Beyond the Valley of the Year of Nicole
Iggy Pop-Night Clubbing-The Idiot
Lords of Acid-Am I Sexy For You Now?
Animal Collective-College and We Tigers-Sung Tongs
Sun Ra-Honey-Spaceship Lullaby
Don Campau-Dalai Lama Drinks-Meteors and Pickles
Tilly and the Wall-Fell Down The Stairs-Like Wild Children
Michael O’Donahue-The Ed Sullivan Bit-The National Lampoon Radio Hour
Kenneth Patchen-Four Blues Poems
Philip Jeck-Community-Host
Television-See No Evil-Marquee Moon
Kevyn Diamond-Platform Nine-Lost in Public
Julie Ruin-The Punk Singer-Julie Ruin
Clinic-Distortions-Internal Wrangler
Panda Bear-Take Pills-Person Pitch
Don Campau-Homburg-Meteors and Pickles
Dino Dimuro-Excerpt from Phantom Sampling
Guided By Voices-14 Cheerleader Coldfront-Propeller
Iggy Pop-Dum Dum Boys-The Idiot
Daniel Johnston-Poptunes-More Songs of Pain
Sebadoh-Kath-Sebadoh III
Care Bears Movie excerpt-Home Is In The Heart
Charles Manson-Look At Your Game, Girl-LIE: The Love and Terror Cult
Julie Tippets-Midnight Shuffle-Shadow Puppeteer
Big City Orchestra-Monkey-Animal Religion

The 09-21-13 show actually had technical difficulties. I am planning on writing down the playlist and doing the entire show over or taking some of the songs that were ruined and replaying them at a later date.

Kevyn Diamond-Eight Ball-Lost In Public
Allen Ginsberg-Footnote to Howl-Howl
Themselves-Mouthful-The No Music
Arthur Doyle Trio-That Happiness-A Prayer for Peace
Don Campau-Don’t Pass It By, Pick It Up-Cleaning UP!
Guided By Voices-My Valuable Hunting Knife-Alien Lane
MGMT-Flash Delirium-Congratulations
The Bobs-Helter Skelter-Songs for the Postman
Ween-Little Birdy-Pure Guava
Dino Dimuro-Rats Undergarments-Mr. Cane’s Hearse Is On The Freeway
Philip Jeck-Louie’s Riddle-Loopholes
Mario Savio Speech
Radiohead-National Anthem-Kid A
The Roots of Madness-The Old Man’s Ass-The Girl In The Chair
Suicide-Love You-Half Alive
Neutral Milk Hotel-Avery Island/April 1st-On Avery Island
Lawrence Salvatore Excerpt
The Shaggs-My Companion-The Philosophy of the World
900 Number Sketch-CPR News
Spooky Favorites-Green Gremlins Are Coming To Town
Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair-I Did Acid With Caroline-It’s Spooky
Animal Collective-Winters Love-Sung Tongs
Pavement-So Stark (You’re a Skyscraper)-Slanted and Enchanted
Voice Farm-Follow Me Home-The World We Live In
The Langley School Project-Good Vibrations-Innocence and Despair
Bukka White-Jitterbug Swing
John Fahey-Fight on Christians, Fight On-Requia
Starfucker-Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Third-Starfucker
Thao and the Knock Down Stay Down-We The Common
Avalanches-Frontier Psychiatrist-Since I Left You
Panda Bear-Bros-Person Pitch
Bob and the Mohbergs-Tell King Tut-BALD
Chevy Chase SNL Sketch
Eileen Barton-If I Knew You Were Coming I’d’ve Baked A Cake-A Date With John Waters
Sparklehorse-Its A Wonderful Life-Its A Wonderful Life
Animal Collective-Chores-Strawberry Jam
Bonzo Dog Band-Look Out, There’s A Monster Coming-Gorilla

I’ve had more shows but these are the playlists for now. I will add more to my blog as I move along.

Don’t forget to tune in and contact me if you are interested in these shows or some of my original music which I sometimes play on the show also.

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